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Taking Care of Your Jewellery

September 17, 2019 2 min read

Let's face it, jewellery can get real dirty and grimy when it's worn for years without much caring. We usually recommend cleaning your jewellery every 6 months, it's like cleaning your car occasionally. 

Here are some tips to get started:

1. Give it a wash with some simple tools like a toothbrush for those hard to reach places. When washing use lukewarm water with liquid soap and gently using the brush to give a soft scrub. Once it's clean give a good rinse and dry with a clean cloth

2. If you don't have a ultrasonic cleaner which we sell them here:

When grime and dirt persist, try using this little compact machine, it's a very handy tool for those that wants a pamper on your gems and jewellery. 

Instructions are included in the box for easy reference. 

Please note that you should check with your local jewellery professional if your jewellery can use ultrasonic machine, some gems don't like them such as Pearls and Opals.   

3. Silver Jewellery tarnishes and the above two steps won't help. Try using a silver polishing cloth which we sell them here:

These polishing cloths are absolute essential when it comes to shining silver back to life.

4. Use Silver Dip for Silver Chains or that you have a good collection of silverware. It removes tarnish easily and quickly which can be difficult to clean with a polishing cloth alone. You can find the product we sell here:

Be sure to rinse your silver jewellery well after using the cleanser as the chemical residue will remain and may cause skin irritation. Once it's rinsed dry with a clean cloth. 

5.  Don't over scrub your jewellery as this will damage the surface finish. Some jewellery are made with gold-plating, plating, epoxy, vermeil or colouring and this will cause permanent damage.

6. Now that your jewellery are pristine clean as new, store it in a not so humid place where it won't get tarnished easily. Ideally, precious jewellery should be stored in a box away from air so it won't get oxidised.  

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